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  Branch of the Special Vehicle

Special Vehicle Branch Company is one of the earliest branches which our company founded in 1988.Special Vehicle Branch focus on the manufacture andinstallation of light steel plant, development process of non-standard product,and has the perfect retrofit technology of rail-road vehicle, at the same time,Special Vehicle Branchshoulders the Group Company’s energy supply, and it is the main force of company infrastructure.There are 100 employees inSpecial Vehicle Branch, including 8managers and 10technicians. Our company sets up 3 workshops, 2research institutes. Non-standard Institute mainly developed non-standard products and light steel products, Automation Institute shouldered the whole Group Company’s development and improvement work of automation project,the researchers committed to research and develop equipment automation and automatic production line, and they obtainedan outstanding success.

As one of the earliest special forces of Group Company,the Branch Company focused on building a special force that can follow"be ready to assemble at the first call and be capable of fighting and winning, be able to come at the first call,fight as soon as you come, and win when you fight."and always make it as the development direction of theBranch Company. No matter non-standard equipment production, automation transformation, or light steel construction, the Branch Company adheres to the attitude of " do it right away,do it better." and the objective of "I fight, I win". In many years of work, we always fighting in the forefront of the company development, we contribute our youth and sweat for Group Company’s development.