What Is MDInventions?

MDInventions is a unique association of highly successful physicians and scientists who have demonstrated their success in the market place and academia. Our specialty is developing uniquely efficient and heavily patented platform technologies for the in-vitro diagnostic and environmental testing industry. MDInventions' principals' licensed intellectual property has resulted in over a billion dollars of product sales. A new company, QDx,Inc., has recently been formed to commercialize many of the principals' new diagnostic inventions.

Why We Are Successful...

We have been successful for a number of reasons, but we believe that among the most important are that we have a deep and hard-won knowledge of not only the technical aspects of our fields of expertise, but also the intricaciesof intellectual property protection and marketing. By keeping focused on what we know, we maintain our effectiveness.

What We Can Do For You...

If You Are A Corporation:

We have a number of medical diagnostic systems which are available for licensing.

If You Are An Inventor:

If you have an invention in the field of medical diagnostics or environmental testing, information posted on this website should help you evaluate many issues of patent development and ownership. This information is provided free, as a public service. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information nor are we responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, for any actions taken because of the information given.

The following are links to material which may be of use to independant inventors:

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